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Custom Wood Furniture

Furniture is Ali’s passion! In Furniture school Ali was lucky enough to have mentors that taught fine woodwork as an art that requires patience and discipline. From sourcing of the materials to the function of your furniture piece, Ali focuses not only on what you want but what every piece of furniture needs to be considered a heirloom piece. While using techniques of the past and materials of the present. Ali is able to create furniture that maintains the class of the past and the clean lines of the modern day. With understanding and knowledge in todays struggles with wood and building in a sustainable way. Ali puts care into every cut to ensure that all projects have the lowest waste possible. Always using eco friendly finishes and as much recycled materials when possible.

We specialize in making contemporary wood furniture with a modern feel like built-ins, dining room tables, coffee tables, beds and wall units. We guarantee that each and every piece of furniture we build are sturdy, polished, and would make your house more of a home. Hire us and see how we work our magic in crafting the furniture of your dreams.



Aside from making your home comfortable and easy on the eyes, furniture could also show your personality and make your home more inviting. There are tons of pre-made furniture in the market, however, you are going to pay a fortune if you are to go with high-end ones or ones with more intricate designs and stronger builds. This should not be the case – there are custom wood furniture options available for you. While some offer custom made wood furniture on a hefty price tag, you could still find some that would build your custom furniture without you having to pay a pretty penny.

With custom furniture, you have a say on the design and give your fixtures a more personal feel. Custom made furnishings could make your personality pop out, give your home a statement, and give you the assurance that there are no other ones like yours. Having us build your very own furniture would not only guarantee that your design requirements are met, we also assure that they would last for years to come.

Here is a quick overview of the custom furniture options that we offer:

Custom Wood Dining Tables

A nice dining room table really elevates the dining experience. How much more enjoyable would each meal be if you have a luxurious-looking custom wood dining table? Our custom made dining room tables are one of a kind, hand crafted and made with quality materials and are built to last. Whether you are looking for dining tables with rustic look and feel or one with a contemporary and modern vibe, we could build one for you. Rest assured that your purchase would be worth every penny.

Custom Wood Coffee Tables

Coffee tables serve as the centerpiece of a living room. A custom built coffee table would not only make your living room stand out, it could also spark conversations and make the overall vibe more comfy and cozy. Why go with signature brand furniture when you could have a custom one built and make a statement? With our custom wood coffee tables, you could give your living room a luxurious ambiance without hurting your finances. In addition, or coffee tables are made with quality materials and are well built. We are confident that they would stand the test of time.

Custom Wood Bed Frames

On average, a person spends one third of their life in bed. So, it is advised to invest in a good, comfy and cozy and functional bed. Beds frames come in various shape and sizes. Some prefer them to be more than just a basic bed so they want to add some more features and customizations like, drawers, built-in or attached side table, overhead shelves and pullouts. Regardless what your preferences are, we could build a custom wood bed that would fit your needs and requirements. Also, our beds come with a good balance of comfort and functionality. Rest assured that your investment would be worth it.

Custom Wood Built-ins

Built-ins are more than just fancy installations. You could actually save space and boost the functionality of your furniture with custom wood built-ins. Whether you are a minimalist who wishes to have more storage space by having built-in shelves and drawers on your wall or someone who wants add a nifty feature on your bed, we could make these happen for you. You could also mix and match built-ins all around your house like custom built-in drawers and overhead cabinets for your kitchen, a built-in side table or pull out bed for your bedroom, or TV rack with built in shelves and drawers for your living room – the options and combinations are limitless.

Custom Wood Wall Units

Wall units have been a popular furniture and wall installation piece over the past 25 years. Custom wood wall units give life to entertainment areas. You could have shelves, drawers, and cabinets on it depending on how you want to arrange your entertainment area. With a lot options available in the market, it would be challenging to find one that would suit your taste and fit your needs. We are here to help you build your very own wall unit that is sturdy and would meet your aesthetic requirements.

Wood furniture is classic and their artistic appeal is undeniable. They give off this homier vibe as compared to plastic and metal ones. Unlike plastic and metal furniture, wood furnishings age well. Some even claim with right care, wood furniture’s look and feel improve over time, giving off this nostalgic and rustic feel. Wood furniture is also easier to maintain, they don’t easily show signs of wear and tear as compared to furniture made of plastic and metal.

Finding a reliable custom wood furniture maker that would meet your artistic and functionality requirements could be challenging. Hence it is advised to do your due diligence in researching and reviewing the company’s portfolio. With years of experience in woodworking and furniture making, we have mastered the craft and made a portfolio of eye-catching and functional custom wood furniture.

We pride ourselves on serving high quality woodworking and craftsmanship in our furniture. We use nothing but high quality materials to make sure they will last for a long time and for you to feel our products are worth the investment. Check our portfolio out and have a feel for our experience. Reach out if you wish to have a custom piece built for you. We guarantee that you won’t regret the investment you put into our custom wood furniture.